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Dream Beauty Update

Good Monday morning y’all,

I’m just back from West Palm Beach where Dream Beauty was supposed to be getting a new ‘Tenderlift’ and swim platform….sadly this didn’t happen due to shipping issues and is the installation is delayed until September.

Good news is that I did add the following:

Yujet Jet surfboard

Hobie Mirage Lynx Pedel Kayak

That adds to the

- 2 Sea bobs

- 2 kayaks

- 2 SU Paddleboards

- 2 Hobie stand up pedel boards

- 2 nomad underwater breathing systems

- lily pad

- All boats have snorkeling gear for everybody

- 2 Underwater drones for filming life aquatic without getting wet!

Dream Beauty also has underwater lights for night snorkeling/fishing/shark feeding.

……and let’s not forget the 2 tenders that it had to carry all guests at the same time to land, beach or port.

It is without doubt the best equipped luxury yacht of its size operating in the Exumas…..

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