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  • Where is Dream Beauty Located?
    In Palm Cay Marina, Nassau, Bahamas. It's a great starting point for a myriad of trips to the hundreds of islands in the beautiful Bahamas waters. Palm Cay Marina in the Bahamas is also a wonderful place to explore, with its beach club with pool, restaurant, cafe/convenience store, spa and tennis courts. Palm Cay also has apartments and town houses that you can rent before/after your trip. For more information on the marina, click here.
  • What is the check in/check out time?
    Just like hotels, we need time to clean the boat and stock it up with food (if you have a chef) before we are able to start the trip. Therefore, check-in is usually around 4-5pm of the day you booked. You may spend the first night in the marina before setting sail the following morning if you hired a captain. If you want to be able to check-in early and sail off the same day, we'd recommend booking the boat the day before.
  • What should I bring on the boat?
    Let's start with what you shouldn't bring - no normal suitcases! Everything on the boat needs to be secured while the boat is moving and a large, hard suitcase will take up a lot of space. It's best to bring a duffel bag/backpack that once unpacked can be folded into a small place in the cabinets. As far as clothing, we recommend the following: - Swimwear - A warm sweater/jacket (evenings and the wind can make it chilly) - A waterproof jacket - Boat friendly shoes (soles that don't mark the boat) - Lots of shorts/T-shirts (those that dry quickly after getting wet are ideal) - A warm outfit in the event that you encounter colder weather - Rash guards are a good idea due to the strength of the sun - Sunhat and sunglasses - Sun cream
  • Should I bring towels/sheets/toiletries?
    Sheets, blankets and towels will be provided for you. Hand soap will be provided but please bring your own toiletries. If you are traveling with hand luggage only, there is a convenience store at the Palm Cay Marina in the Bahamas where you can buy toiletries (they stock Sun Bum sun cream which was not available at the local supermarket), or it is a short taxi ride to the local supermarket.
  • What other expenses should I plan for?
    FUEL Fuel for the boat is not included and is an extra but is reasonable. Dream Beauty consumes around 4litres of fuel/hr(diesel). For a 7-day trip in the Exumas in December 2021, the cost was around $800. CAPTAIN, CHEF AND FOOD Dream Beauty Food and beverages (including alcoholic- within reason) are included. Fees for both the captain and the chef are included when you book Dream Beauty. TIPS You should also plan for tips to the captain and chef if you hire them, and we recommend between 10-20% of the price of the booking, or more if you are extremely satisfied with their service. OTHER Lastly, access to some of the Bahamas marine national parks requires a fee - please make sure you bring cash on the boat for these payments.
  • Is there good internet on the boat?
    Completely unplugging and enjoying the beauty and nature of the Caribbean is a great way to relax and unwind in a fast-paced, technologically driven world. However, we understand that at times this may not be possible, and you need to have internet/phone connection. There is free high speed Starlink WIFI on the boat and its just as good as your internet at home!
  • Should I worry about seasickness?
    Everyone reacts differently to motion, and some may be more prone to sea sickness than others. The good news is that sea sickness, in the worst scenarios, will only last 1-2 days, as your body finally acclimatizes to the motion. Here are some tips to ease sea sickness, especially at the start: 1) Stay outside and at the back or at the top of the yacht 2) Look out at the horizon at the waves 3) If you need to stay inside because of weather, stay on the top deck, not in the rooms at the bottom. The closer you are to the front the more motion you will experience We encourage everyone to have some sea sickness medicine with them in case someone needs it.
  • Can we go scuba diving on the boat?
    The boats do not provide scuba diving gear, however if you do want to go diving, we may be able to arrange a stop at one of the Islands and link you to a Scuba Diving company.
  • How feasible is it to bring someone with limited mobility?
    It really depends on the individual; particularly how flexible they are to get on/off the yacht. This can get particularly tricky when getting onto the dinghy boat with slightly rough water. We are equipping Dream Beauty with a special dinghy that will have a drop bow for easy access in and out of the yacht. This avoids the need to step over the dinghy and instead easily walk out on a beach. If you have someone in your group with limited mobility, you may want to consider booking Dream Beauty. Dream Beauty will also be equipped with a number of sea scooters to help those who are a little less confident/more hesitant of swimming in open waters. Please also bear in mind that there are stairs to get down to the rooms as well as stairs to get to the top of the yacht, so anyone onboard should be able to do stairs fairly confidently. Dream Beauty is also equiped with a swim platform that will be able to lower and raise individuals and groups into the water.
  • Where can we do laundry?
    Laundry facilities are located in the Palm Cay marina. There are none on the boat.
  • How much is it to book?
    Click here for pricing and availability.
  • How do I book?
    Simply fill out one of the forms on this site with your contact details and we'll be in touch. We cannot book directly from the site as other brokers may have already booked the dates you're looking for.

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