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Dream Beauty Dining Experience

The Concept

The food and drink on any vacation are key to the experience and on Dream Beauty we are well aware of this.

The menu does and will change from week to week as do the chefs but you will be guaranteed a great chef for your charter.

So rather than go on and on, how about we take you through an actual week with Gautier as our guest chef!

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Day 1

Arrive at Palm Cay to a beautifully prepared charcuterie board. For dinner the choice is to either go to the Pink Octopus restaurant in Palm Cay of have Chef whip you up something...we opted for the latter and had a Shrimp rigatone diavola with a cream and Ricard flambe sauce followed by a made from scratch lemon merangue to finish and maybe a glass of wine or two!

Day 2

Wake up to the smell of freshly ground coffee as Gautier prepares breakfast. Arrive at Highbourne Cay and immediately get presented with a huge lunch serving of Tricolor salad accompanied by freshly made and baked Focaccia bread.

Xuma's for dinner and it's good but I can't help feel I missed out on something special from Gautier........

Day 3

Wake up to silence as Captain Yves and Gautier have gone Lobster hunting. Yves returns with 2 lobster and a few crabs and a great story about the 'one that got away'. Go upstairs and within a few minutes am presented with a cup of tea and my request for breakfast. I choose the healthy option of yogurt with fruit and granola bowl.....absolutely perfect.

After a quick fishing trip round to Lobster cay, a lunch of Chicken Caesar salad with freshly baked Fouguass bread (French from Marsaille) is served.

Dinner is the Lobster that Yves caught earlier, prepared on the BBQ and served on the half-shell with Pilaf rice with Kimchee and Endive  and Orange salad. Everything is cooked to perfection......and just as we're about to burst, out comes the Pineapple flambe with dark rum served with caramel ice cream for dessert.

Day 4

Awaken to gentle rocking and make my way upstairs to find Gautier in his natural habitat, the kitchen!

I help myself to a freshly ground coffee before venturing outside to the beautiful sunrise and sitting down to a cooked breakfast with freshly baked Focaccia...and tea of course.

Gautier made us a packed lunch for us to take to the stunning Shroud Cay beach.....a picnic lunch with nobody around for miles. He made enough for us, 11 Black headed seagulls and a lemon shark - we all agreed it was delicious! I forgot to take a photo of the food as I was too busy enjoying the beach......but it was very good! 

Dinner was served to a backdrop of lightning as a storm passed to the North. Pork medallions in a mascarpone sauce accompanied by Moroccan cauliflower and pan-fried purple potatoes....fantastic. Dessert was Gautiers first try at a Keto pavlova using a sweetener rather than sugar - the texture was a little crumbly due to the lack of sugar and there was a 'cool' sensation when eating due to the sweetener but pretty damn good!